About Us

The Book On® and each of its titles are consistently recognized as a complete resource and reference guide from the top experts on a particular subject or field of endeavor.  The mission of our trademarked brand is to be the perfect tool to reinforce the expert status of a product, service or individual brand as an industry leader while helping them to maintain a competitive edge over other leaders in the field.

I guess you could say that when it comes to helping organizations stand out as the top expert in their field, we literally “wrote the book on it”®

The Book On® model combines the very best in conceptual knowledge and academic theory with real world application. Its purpose is to communicate, educate and share useful relevant information.Our intention is to be the most widely known and accepted standard for excellence serving many different industries and organizations as the most comprehensive published work promoting only the highest quality products, services and management styles.

The Book On® has a goal of  becoming the largest single fundraising  tool, raising money for every worthy  non-profit organization under the sun.

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